Saturday, June 16, 2012

Avery's 1st Year Picture Link

Below is a link to look at most of Avery's 1st Year Pictures!
Be back blogging soon!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Year in Review...Avery's 1st Birthday Party

I can't believe it's been a year already.

May 10th, 2011 6:00- Waking up just like every other day, but this day was special.

This day, we were going to meet our little girl. 
A day we had been preparing for over 9 months to arrive.

6:30- Heading to the hospital with great anticipation and a little fear from my end about how the labor of love would go- I was being positive and hoping for the best.

7:00- Check in at the hospital and taken up to our birthing suite. Introduced to our nurse Caroline, who ended up being the exact personality of a nurse that I needed that day. 

7:45-8:00- Started Pitocin, a drug that I was taught in nursing school was "evil" and hated by all women having to be I was one of those women just with a little extra knowledge but luckily I hated OB in school.

9:30- I understood the what they meant when they said, "You'll know it's time when you can't walk and talk through your contractions"....definitely not a lot talking going on, just remembering that I didn't think it would really hurt THAT bad. Water Broken...contractions came Harder.

10:30- Epidural in-Thank God for that DR was all I was thinking and that I didn't have to see that huge needle. 

11:30- Not feeling well...probably because baby was crowning. I dilated from a 5 to complete in about 45 minutes. It was almost time...

12:00- Waiting on my DR to arrive. I couldn't believe how long 15 minutes seemed until she got there. Baby was so close they thought if I sneezed/coughed she could come right out. OH...and TONS of people in my room-there went my modesty...especially when you are in the "push" position.

12:24- After 5-10 pushes out you came, sweet baby girl. Avery Nicole Winter, 6lb. 13 oz., 18.5 inches long, and full head of DARK brown hair. You were beautiful and perfect in every way. Even daddy had a tear in his eye (he won't admit that if you ask him.) 9 months plus of waiting for you and that was...Perfect.

And here we are today. May 10th, 2012
Same little girl, but full of personality and blonde hair.
18lbs, 30 inches long, and still beautiful and perfect.

Avery and I traveled to Topeka on her actual birthday and spent it with great people that I don't get to see often enough and their kiddos.

Birthday Party was on May 12th and we had lots of friends and family. Avery was very delicate with her smash cake. There actually was not a whole lot of "smashing" going on at all, but that's my careful, dainty little girl. We all enjoyed dinner and cake and then Presents.
I think we got enough swimsuits to last us all summer!

There are days that I don't even remember what life was like before Avery came into ours, so that must mean that it was pretty boring and dull. She definitely adds excitement and entertainment to our lives and couldn't imagine life without her. She completes us in every single way and most importantly makes us a Family.

Avery I wish I could keep you small but then I would miss out on what an incredible person you are going to be someday. You will never be too old for me to hold and call my baby.

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm Living,
my baby you'll be."

I love you.

Birthday outfit...complete with Tutu

Avery and the small dent she made in her ginormous smash cake

Our Family

Yes, I made her wear her tutu to open her gifts. She seemed to enjoy it.

Cake and Smash cake. Orange & Pink all the way around.

The "tutu" table. Thanks to Whitney Edwards for help with this one!

Showing off before her 1 yr DR appointment

Sweet Girl

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Girl

Happy FIRST Birthday to the most perfect thing in my life. Avery I don't know how I lived life without you! You are beautiful and so smart. I love watching you learn and grow everyday. I am the luckiest woman alive because I am your mom and I am so proud of that. I love you my little girl!It was just a year ago today we went to the hospital and knew we were going to get to meet our beautiful baby girl and look how far we have come! Daddy and I couldn't imagine our life without you!

~Love Mom and Dad~

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catching up: 10 & 11 Months/ Easter

So much has happened since I last posted...seems like life is getting busier and busier everyday!! Let's see what has happened since March:

Avery passed the 10 and 11 month mark and we have moved onto 1st Birthday planning-I can't believe it. She is growing up so fast. I still remember the day so well when we were just bring her home for the first time!

She is doing so many different things and becoming a little girl and not such a baby. 
Her faves lately:

1. Crawling and climbing on EVERYTHING

2. Feeding herself- really enjoying Hotdogs and Chicken

3. Enjoys the bathroom- its like the one place I don't want her going and she loves it! She seems to really enjoy daddy's dirt wheels magazines too! Maybe this means that potty training will come natural to her. We can only hope!!

4. Enjoys standing and playing at her "fun" table and piano

5. Enjoys music and dancing

Everyday Avery is getting closer and closer to walking!! I am ready for her to walk, but at the same time I'm not sure I really am. It's already hard keeping tabs on her with her crawling and climbing over everything. My little baby is growing up!!

Avery had her very first Easter complete with a hunt and everything. We did a hunt for the big cousins outside and we can't wait till next year when Avery will be joining them. Lacey was super sweet and even shared some of her eggs she found with Avery who had to hang out in the stroller. But we went inside and Avery had her very own hunt for eggs on the carpet with mini eggs.
 Easter Mass was a little hard to get through- it was late, 2 hrs, and tired baby- there really wasn't much chance of success with this, so hopefully next year will go better.

Our Little Easter Bunny

Easter Family Picture...yep she lost a sock.

Things we are working on:
1. Sippy cup...she is a little attached to the bottle

2. Getting rid of the "Binky"

3. Walking

Wish us luck!

next post: 1st Birthday Party and 1 year pics!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mover & a Shaker!!

 SO I just noticed its been so long since I've posted. So much has gone on since January and Avery is just growing, growing, growing. She is more mobile. For awhile she was into army crawling everywhere and rolling to get around. NOW- she is crawling hands and knees, finally got it figured out and I think she is probably thinking "Why didn't I figure this out sooner?" We lowered her crib when I started finding her sitting up after her nap time and then pulling up on the side of the crib. Now it's just that much harder for me to put her down-hate being short!!

February Avery had her 9 month check and everything is looking good!!
16lbs, 28in long, 93% for head circumference!! 

We also got her 9 month pictures done and they are absolutely fabulous! She is just such a great little model! 

The weather has been crazy nice and we are taking advantage of it!! We just purchased a zoo pass and went about a week ago and Avery was loving it. She was really into the penguins and gorillas! 

First Valentine's Day

March- 10 months old and we have added another tooth! This makes 3 total and Avery is enjoying all kinds of new foods! She is a mover and so active. Plays all the time and it's so much fun to watch her pick and choose which toys she wants to play with. I can't believe that she will be a year old in May, only 2 short months away. Doesn't feel like that much time has gone by but she is growing up fast as they always do. Guess it's almost birthday party planning time!

Babies Just grow up so fast...but we can't keep them little forever...even though we want to.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Avery 8 Months Old & New Years

Greetings in 2012! Hope everyone had a great new year!

With every new year that comes, I feel the need for reflection in the previous year. We had so many blessings with the number one biggest life changer- birth of our little girl, perfect and healthy. I was so blessed to get as much time off work as I did and thankful because you don't get those moments back and I guess I feel that I have my entire life to work, but Avery will never roll over for the first time again. We took our first official family vacation and were so blessed that Avery is a good little traveler! My grandma turned 101 and got to meet Avery for the first time as well as did the rest of my family in NWK.

We have had so many positive things happen in 2011. I am hoping that 2012 means even bigger things for the Winter family!! We aren't quite to the point of extending our family just yet, but it will happen soon enough. We just love enjoying our daughter now. I'm not quite sure how to handle 2 someday!

We may get some traveling in this year. We have a wedding in NC for some good friends that we are excited for and I have a bachelorette party in May in Vegas!! That will be fun! Never seen the lights of Vegas and never hit the strip! It's going to be awesome I am sure!!

Avery rolled over another milestone- 8 months old! I can't believe where the time goes. She is looking like a little person now instead of a baby. She is only still weighing in about 16 lbs. but that is ok with us. She is teething and with the 2 that she already has we are waiting for more to sprout up any day now.  Still not that interested in crawling, but she is getting there! I'm not sure I am ready for crawling because then that means walking not long after.

Wishing you a great 2012!!

Next Post: 9 Month Check Up and Pics